Wednesday, March 5, 2014

20 Fairy Pranks

Your PC has attracted the attention of a fairy.  A fey creature of some sort attaches itself to him as an incredibly annoying sidekick. The little bugger can't be killed (he's invisible, teleports away just in time, or plays pranks while the PC is asleep) and will stick around as long as the PC is "entertaining".

The only way to get rid of the fairy is to accept the pranks in good humor and not give the him the satisfaction of getting angry or losing one's temper.

Here are 20 Faerie Pranks to get you started:

1) Hides something important
2) Takes something of the PCs and places is in a difficult to reach spot
3) Puts a propeller on the PCs hat or helmet
4) While PC is sleeping, draws moustache on PC if female, or applies whorish makeup if PC is male
6) Ties PCs hair or beard in knots.
7) Places doggy-doo in the PCs boots at night
8) Pokes the PCs horse with a needle when things get boring
9) Glues the PCs weapon in it's scabbard
10) Makes the PCs pants fall down when trying to impress someone (if male). If PC is female, blows up her skirt or unties/yanks down her bodice.
11) Cuts all the the straps holding the PCs armor together
12) Mimics the PCs voice to say obnoxious or insulting things to NPCs
13) Tailors the PCs pants to split during strenuous activity
14) Makes the PCs nose grow whenever he tells a lie
15) Uses illusion to make it appear as though the PC has ripped a massive fart (accompanied by a troglodyte-grade stench)
16) Enlarges the PCs boots to clown size. When boots are removed, PC notices that feet have been enlarged to match. Penalty to sneaking around.
17) Changes PCs sex at random intervals while nobody is looking.
18) Garnishes PCs food with 1d8 random bugs when nobody is looking.
19) Replaces the water/wine in PCs canteen/wineskin with horsepiss.
20) Steals things from other people and puts them in thief's pockets, backpack, or saddlebags.